History of Frames

We all know a frame can enhance your favorite photos in a profound way, but how long has the photo frame been around, and how has it evolved over time?


People have been expressing their memories on walls and hard surfaces for thousands of years, with even cave paintings having borders being painted around them.


Though the photography would not make its debut for many hundreds of years, the idea of framing works of art and other things such as writings is found throughout history. During artistic periods, such as the renaissance, artists and craftsman were often commissioned to create panels and frames to accompany artwork.


During the 17th and 18th century, frames were commissioned all throughout Europe and frame-making was done by hand by craftsman who worked in close relationships with artists.


As film photography became accessible and frames became more available to the public, many began to have small frames in their own home displaying their own photos and memories. From tabletop frames to hanging galleries, photo frames are a common commodity in the home—and for good reason! People like to see the people they love in the place they live and to remember their favorite memories.


Introducing SwapFrames


SwapFrames wants to add a new era to the art of photo framing. For those who love hanging their photos, SwapFrames allows you to swap your photos out in seconds so you can enjoy the thousands of photos in your home, phone, or albums whenever you want. The unique frame design also allows users to create layouts that are artistic and can be changed at any time.


SwapFrames is adding a new way for photo lovers to express their memories!