5 Kinds of Photos to Take This Summer

Summer is near and whether you're a seasoned photographer or just love to document your memories on your smartphone, knowing the kinds of photos to take can make a big difference in the quality of pictures you come home with. 

To make the most of your summer memories, here are five kinds of shots we recommend taking once the weather gets warm:

1. Candid Shots

Whether you are at the beach, a barbecue, park, or concert, taking pictures of your friends and family without posing and while they are in the middle of the action can make for beautiful photos that capture your memories in-time. 


2. Play with the light

While the bright light can seem harsh for certain photos, playing with light and shadows can make for unique, artistic photos.

3. Bright Wildlife Shots

Take advantage of the sun and bright summer colors. Flower shots and even shots of wildlife can be a beautiful addition to your home gallery.

4. Play with your food

Summer foods are delicious, bright, fun, and great for photo taking! Snap some shots of fruit, ice cream, snow cones, and your other favorite treats that help you cool off. 


If you take pictures at the right time while the sun sets, you can get gorgeous pictures that create a silhouette effect of yourself, your friends, or objects. 



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