What to do with all of your old photos


If you’re like many people you probably have hundreds or thousands of photos that capture many of your best memories. Whether these photos currently live in a box or digital album you may be wondering how to make better use of these precious moments so that you can relive your memories on a regular basis.


In this article we will discuss some ways you can dust off the photo boxes and revive your favorite photographs.


Inventory and Organize


When is the last time you took a look at the photos you have? Before you decide what you do with your photos take a look at your current albums, see if you have duplicates, or photos you wouldn’t mind parting with.


The next step is to organize. We recommend picking an organization style and grouping your photos accordingly.


Some ideas for organizing your photos can include:


  1. Date(Year, Age, Holidays)
  2. Person(Family member, friend, pet)
  3. Place(travel destination, residence)
  4. Event (weddings, parties, birthdays, accomplishments, etc.)


Organizing your photos will make it much easier to pick and choose your favorites and which ones you want to feature in projects, in your home, office, etc.


At SwapFrames, we believe you should show off your photos whenever you want on the walls of your home, office, and frequented interiors.


So, now that you have your pictures ready here are some of our favorite ideas to show off your memories:


  1. Showcase your travels

Have you seen the world? Document your destinations visually by through a photo map or by displaying your favorite shots in a special location in your home. We love this idea because it is a great way to share stories of your adventures with guests.

  1. Document Your Child’s Growth

They say children grow up in the blink of an eye. Make sure you don’t miss a second by capturing their most precious moments. Some ideas we have seen include visual growth charts, year-over-year collages, and creative photo collages of children’s best moments.

  1. Create a collage of the things you love

If you’re a memory-collector you likely have many precious moments to choose from; take a piece from all of your favorites and create a collage that shows all of your favorite things, places and people. We have seen some truly heart-warming collages where people use their wall space to commemorate their best moments with family, friends, and pets.

  1. Make a family tree

Are you the genealogy expert of the family? Consider showing off your family story with pictures! A visual family tree is a beautiful and informative way to decorate your walls!

  1. Frame your other wall décor

If your other wall décor like clocks, plants, or wallpaper need a facelift, consider framing these elements with some of your favorite pictures!

  1. Tell your love story

Whether you’re newlyweds or are celebrating a golden anniversary, a picture wall is a beautiful way to relive the best moments of your love story.

  1. Remember your loved ones

If you’ve lost a dear friend or family member, honoring their memory through a special place in your home is a wonderful way to keep them close to you every day.


About SwapFrames

Swap Frames is a unique system for mounting and swapping photo frames that is so easy you can do it in a matter of seconds. We also make it easy to store them so that you can swap them for different photos any time you’d like. 

Our elegantly simple “Plug-and-Socket” design allows you to easily mount and swap out photo frames on your walls. Swap Frames® gives you the freedom to customize the appearance, placement and orientation of your most treasured photos.

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